Thursday, November 29, 2007

GPS-enabled camera

Alright. I do not know the cons of owning a GPS-enabled camera at this moment. Privacy concerns, public exposures etc. - I'm not thinking too hard about it. What I do know now is...I will like this camera.

I will like it for the fact that I no longer need to remember where the pictures were taken. I'm sure those of you who travel a lot especially to the mountains, have a hard time remembering the names of the lakes you have visited. Well, this "geotagging" function in the camera will surely help me, and help us out. How nice...I do not need to download photos titled IMG100.gif or IMG 28.gif, then rename them to Yosemite Falls and Emerald Lake respectively. The GPS-enabled camera will automatically do all of that "labelling" for me. I want I want! But, how much? how good is it in fact? Let me sober up some time and think about it again.

Opticsplanet - you will not run out of gift ideas

It's the holiday season. Running out of gift ideas already? Opticsplanet has some best sellers such as sunglasses and other lens/optics products - binoculars and telescopes, that might make a good gift for your friends who love the outdoors. The same website has a gift guide for choosing the perfect gift. I will be interested in getting a designer sunglass for myself while I know my hubby may like the durable and reliable streamlight flashlights for multi-purpose use especially when he has some of his DIY "projects" done in the garage. In addition, especially in a earthquake-prone country like California, he will surely have this flashlight kept under the bed, as part of emergency preparation action.

Buying a gift with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee will also put our minds at ease when we know this online retail has a generous return policy. IWith a purchase of $29.95 or more, FREE ground shipping on all orders is provided. How good is that ?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Technology enabled parking meters

You are finding a parking somewhere - somewhere that still does traditional parking coupons? You will be off to a restaurant for dinner and don't know who much hours or value of coupon you should tear off. 1 hour, 2 hours? Well, some parking meters in the United States can be as conventional as parking coupons that are still used in parts of Singapore. I know the parking meters in San Francisco, Sunset area, still use conventional parking meters where you insert the value of coins equivalent to the total time you think you need the lot space for. Imagine you park few blocks away and need to go back to the parking meter to insert more coins to extend your parking or think of the frustration you have when you have already paid for 1 hr of parking but only use 10 minutes of it.

How nice if you get texted in your cellphone when the time in the parking meter is running out and you can "feed" the parking meter remotely via credit card. Being tested in Vancouver, such a service adds conveniece to you and will increase the city's revenue without costing much.

Now, when can we see that in San Francisco and Singapore ?

Air traffic in Thanksgiving

Though I'm away from California, I still keep in touch with local news. I was frustrated to read about the heavy air traffic coming up this week in the next ten days (the holiday season). Not that I'm new to this. I know that Thanksgiving season is one of the highest peak periods for holiday travel. But we still cannot avoid that. We are flying back to California on Thanksgiving itself. Bleh!

It is reported that thick coastal fog has delayed 19 arriving flights at Los Angeles International Airport to-date, causing minor delays for passengers at the start of the busy Thanksgiving travel week. We really hope for good weather, especially that at San Francisco Airport.

The Mist - horrifying but real

I was with my family at a resort. My family was having a drink session in the hang-out hut while I was strolling along the coastline at the beach. Suddenly, I hear the sound and splashes of water from afar. I looked beyond the horizon and saw a huge tidal wave approaching, fast. My heart sank at the instant. Tsunami! The next second, I was swept up high by the powerful wave and the only time I know for sure I'm going to lose my family...forever. I struggled so hard that I woke up! Yes, it was a nightmare, but one nightmare that will definitely leave me the deepest impression such that I recalled even to the vivid image of me being swept up by the tidal wave up so high. That nightmare left me moments of fear. Fear that I might lose my family anytime without even the chance to bid goodbye. Fear of death. Fear of disbelief that life is so short and sudden.

Goosebumps and goosepimples. That was my first reaction after watching the trailers of The Mist. Then it reminded me of the nightmare I had. Though I have not been trapped in a real-life threatening situation (I won't want to) to experience the dark side of human nature, I'm never a optimistic person to believe only the good side of human nature. In reality, humans have a selfish dark side in them which tends to show itself in moments of adversity. Rather than reinforcing the group strength and belief, people tend to disintegrate into fear and panic when they come face to face with life-threatening situations.

Suspense. Mystery. Terror. Thriller. It's everything, and this is what The Mist by Stephen King is about. This movie adds in an element of "disaster", neither man-made nor natural, and centers around the seek for survival whereby fear and panic are injected into man to create disbelief and reveal their true nature. The Mist itself is a mystery and is horrifying. The trailers have surely scared me off my butt but I still want to watch the movie when it comes to the theaters, and it will be soon.

Will Amazon's new ebook reader re-kindle your love ?

Just a month ago, I wrote about the Sony ebook and today I read news about yet another Amazon. It's Amazon own-brand wireless electronic book reader - Kindle. This ebook can store up to 200 books based on its onboard memory, has a low power digital ink screen and can last 30 hours between recharges. Kindle's content arrives wireless and owners of a Kindle do not have to pay to use this wireless network. Amazon pays the access costs and only charges for any content downloaded to the reader.

If you do not know, books in Amazon are known to be competitive, if not cheaper, than those books out in the market retail stores or other online stores. Will the launch of Kindle kill their own online book sales at Amazon, or will Kindle complement its current business model and make its online book value chain more complete than before? Amazon is not the first company to produce an e-book reader. Many other companies have tried similar devices but all have failed to win over large numbers of customers. What's different - it's the entire package Amazon is providing - Kindle, the ebook and the whole range of books and content available in Amazon, plus its wireless delivery. Hopefully, this will re-kindle the acceptance of ebook readers.

Well, the people outside North America may just have to wait a little longer till this technology reaches them since the current wireless network delivery is only limited to North America.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Freeze the pain - say goodbye to muscles aches and pain

My hubby used to play rugby when he was much younger and now suffers from some of his old injuries such as knee joint pain and muscle back pain. The worst part about his injuries is that the pain (sometimes acute) can occur anytime when he is well into his normal daily routine. It can be so painful when the pain shoots down from his lower back down to his limbs/legs. In addition, his knees will sometimes start to hurt at the joints when he is on the treadmill for some light exercises. Whenever these pains and old injuries strike, it affects his mood at work since he can't be as agile as before. Even standing up, lifting himself from his seat/chair at the work desk can be the most strenuous physical task for that day. And when he is in pain in the evening, he does not get a good sleep for that night since turning and tossing on the bed means pain.

Oh, if only he could Freeze It! - freeze the pain. I came across that the Freeze It Gel could relieve sore muscles; muscle sprains and strains; back, shoulder, neck pain; and even arthritis, knee, hip joints pains by gently rubbing the Freeze It gel on the skin surrounding a sore muscle or joint. Since my hubby still heads to the gym for exercise when he has slightly sore muscles, I need to remind him to apply Freeze It directly to the sore muscles area and massage in to the affected area before exercise.

The Freeze It Gel can be used as many as 4 times per day. For arthritis pain, simply rub and massage the gel all around the affected joint or joints for pain relief. For sore muscle pain, massage the gel into the sore muscles and the gel provides a "cool-revitalizing" feeling and quickly delivers pain relief. This can be effective in helping people who have trouble sleeping due to persistent pain & discomfort.

Solar energy without panels

I think Harold Hay should get credit for this invention. A solar system operated without any electricity or rather call it Passive Solar Technology. Hay's basic concept was to make use of a roof-pond or an area of water-bags to mainain consistent temperatures indoors during summer and winter. During summer, the roof pond is covered,heat is kept out and you feel cool indoors during the day. At night, the roof pond gets exposed and radiates heat out into the air, still keeping you cool. During winter, the roof pond absorbs heat during the day and the covered roof at night maintains the heat indoor using this "absorbed" heat".

This makes use of water's ability to absorb heat.

Performance gear - well designed and functional

If you are into high quality and innovative designed gun leather and galco holster, then this tactical outdoor website is right for you. I'm more interested in the performance shirts and pants since I know that these can be the most comfortable and durable wear for field trips, hiking and trekking. You get much more details and quality in the stitching and design.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Great technologies should improve business environment

While AMD's chief made a keynote address on improving the business environment through innovative technology, I begin to ask if innovative business models should be considered on improving the business environment.

Echoing what he said that great technologies achievements are not just about creating better technology, but they were about creating better businesses for our customers is a news out in less than a month apart that Abu Dhabi had bought 8.1 percent(amount in $ unknown) of AMD. Using similar companies and deals as benchmark, the deal would have cost Abu Dhabi about $700 million.

Well, since AMD has not done really superb in records after acquisition of ATI, seeking various ways to attract investors geographically to keep them afloat should be something on their priority list at this moment. They will somehow improve shareholders' confidence level and cultivate a culture that creates better business for their customers.

Business cards for bloggers

Wow!!! A blogger business card - Oh, I would like to have them. How about Free blogger cards ? - I will be even happier! Network to attract new readers and interact with other bloggers using these new blogger business cards. These business cards will show them you are serious about blogging. The even-happier-to-hear-about offer currently is that 100 OOprint blogger cards will be for FREE (you pay for shipping fees) and privilege for Payperpost bloggers who are interested in posting an article about these blogger cards can order for FREE, entirely, including free shipping (Ooprint will provide a voucher for free shipping). If you are a blogger like me, I know you will be happy, won't you?

Sports technology

Oh, this is for real? Remember this snippet I wrote about using the human finger as the "earphone"? The similar concept and technology is being applied in the MP3 player!!!

Working like a sports head band, just wear the so-called Bone Conduction Sports Band on your head and the band will act as two speaker-like emitters to transmit the music from your MP3 player via your skull to your inner ear. They call this bone conduction. I need to find out more about the details workings of this.

What I know for more? - You can have a functional sports head band that does more than keeping your sweat out. I do have doubts about how light this band can be. I hope it does not weigh the frequent jogger down.

LAP-BAND surgical in Texas area

If you have heard of the LAP-BAND system and you are finding this surgeon in Texas, you will be pleased to know that a houston lap band can now be performed in Dr. Collier's surgical center. Dr. Richard Collier specializes in the LAP-BAND System procedure - a completely reversible weight-loss surgery available in the United States today.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rail and transport around the world

If Taiwan already has its high-speed rail, I do not see why there can't be one in California.

Coming in too late, still better late than never, there seems to be a scuttlebutt around that a bullet train is in the pipeline between Northern and Southern California. The go-ahead or not is still left for balloting, voting and sufficient funds (estimated cost is about $40bln!!). The recommended route would start in Anaheim(well, Disneyland!!!), through Los Angeles and into the Central Valley, then split at the northern edge of Madera County - one line would stop in Gilroy, San Jose, possibly Palo Alto/Redwood City, near San Francisco International Airport, and end in downtown San Francisco. The other route would continue through the Central Valley into Sacramento. If I had voting eligiblity, I would go for it. First, it could solve the congested air traffic problems. Then, this could facilitate the ever-promoting "green" campaign where you encourage people to take the bullet train and reduce their dependence on autos.

Just on the other side of the continent, it has been reported that a new station - St. Pancras International, will become the new London station of the Eurostar route. With this station, it is expected to cut the Paris-London travel time to as little as 2.5hrs.

This is train news around the world for today. Well, minus the strikes going on in France's transport currently, I'm happy to hear all of them.

Shop online this holiday season, avoid the crowds in stores

The holiday season is drawing near. If you hate the shopping crowds in the stores, the next best way to shop for holiday gifts will be to shop online. This new easy-to-use site is updated daily with coupon codes and newest offers. I know I will save money when I go to my favorite stores. There are Target coupon savings to enjoy when I shop for gifts, and if I buy some shoes to pamper myself, the Zappos coupon codes will surely come in handy.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Communications with no barriers - is that a blessing?

Talking about the future of communications - how about a "touch sensitive" sensor device that is able to take orders from the user individual and enable electronic payments or data transfer at the touch of a finger? This is just one example.

The excitement about future communications is more than just a cool new mobile phone. It will be about removing the barrier between people and devices/gadgets. The human body will quite gradually and literally become part of the human-electronic interface. This may sound pretty far-fetched but how about doing without the keyboard and attaching sensors to each finger such that any deliberate movement of your fingers will translate into action? For example, tapping a code-like motion with your fingers to instruct a device to access the Internet, take photos and take/send messages.

This will sound more unbelievable - using your human finger to simulate the receiver function of a phone. When you hear the phone ring next time, insert your finger into your ear and start speaking into a "module".

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The visionary aspects of an entrepreneur

Can Entrepreneurship be taught? Entrepreneurship is an experience, if you ask me. The basics of general business knowledge, general entrepreneurial principles, keeping alert to specific fields of opportunities can be passed down just like the basic management principles and strategic thinking in a typical MBA course. However, you can never claim yourself to be successful business manager with a MBA if you have not accumulated enough on-the job experience, just like you cannot be an entrepreneur if you have not been one.

Somethings that can't be taught is the act of being a visionary in an entrepreneur - the ability to understand and see niches in a market and recognize whether it will be successful. Not everyone can be a visionary. Sometimes, it takes guts and experience to believe in something that the majority is not able to see. So it takes this quality to make an entrepreneur.

Functional and modern design garage flooring

Using garage floor tiles flexible to be used over uneven or cracked concrete floors is such a durable application of garage flooring and provides a cushioned surface that is more comfortable to work on than concrete, epoxy coatings, or rigid plastic tiles. These garage floor tiles are also fire and chemical resistant - a safer option if you are thinking of refurbishing your garage flooring. I do not have a garage to think of flooring at the moment but I would definitely consider garage floor tiles from Carguygarage. They are functional and the design is very updated and modern as well.

Slingbox and firewall problems in hotel room

We bought our Slingbox AV, finally. We could not buy them online as we were on the move these few days and will not be able to physically receive any parcel or package. Most electronic stores such as Best Buy and Office Depot were selling at $129 vs Circuit City at $119.

This is our Slingbox revealed. Simply, can you see the 2 wires overhanging at our DirectTV receiver and LiteOn DVD ? Yes, this is how Slingbox controls the turning on and off when an infrared signal is sent via the router/modem.

It works perfect when we tested back in our apartment in California.

With the Slingbox, I can now watch my TVB dramas at DirectTV telecast even when I'm overseas. YAY! Control of my California DirectTV channels and even time my recorder to record TVB drama, all using the internet when I'm overseas. Just make sure the modem/router and the Slingbox is in the ON mode when you are overseas.

Rough assembly of my SlingBox.

I'm in a hotel now at Taichung, Taipei, looking forward to watch my shows....BUT....WHAT A BUMMER!!!! :( There seem to be some firewall in the hotel room wired internet. It seems to be blocking access to my Slingbox and can't get it to work.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fast effective dental repair with Dentemp OS

Dentemp OS - developed by a dentist and FDA Approved. This 60 minute solution over-the-counter dental cement is perfect for fillings and loose caps and would have prevented the pain and embarrassment of losing the fillings in your teeth while attending an important dinner function or while discussing with your business associates and clients. I know my mum used to have this pain when she lost the fillings in her teeth. She had important meetings for the whole week then and had to delay a visit to her dentist. For that whole week, she had trouble eating and chewing. How I wish Dentemp OS were there then for her, as her temporary dental repair. It will indeed provide fast, temporary relief of pain and discomfort for her. It's easy to use - just remove it from its plastic vial and with no mixing required, it's ready for usage applications in each vial. Within 60 minutes of setting, lost fillings can be replaced and loose crowns can be temporarily cemented. Within 30 minutes of setting, you can even eat on it. All products have been tested and fully comply with FDA Regulations for Oral Care. If you want to save yourself from the pain in a situation of urgency, Dentemp OS seems to be a feasible solution for you.

Vending all the way

Vending for soda and water is something of the past.

Now, we can shop with instant gratification with SIMcard vending machine and even a cell phone vending machine.

The basic concept is the same. Just "Touch Screen", choose your product, pay with credit card and receive your product.

Ever been caught in a situation where you arrived in another country that is using a CDMA network while you are holding on to a GSM phone. Or having problems getting a SIMCard? With these vending machines, they will ease the inconvenience for you in terms of communication.

Also, the major sell point is in that users are able connect to a mobile phone network without the necessity of dealing with service provider personnel - imagine...switch on the spot from paying more than $1 a minute for international calls to making calls for pennies a minute - what an attractive bargain to purchase SIM cards or phones.

Shop meaningful at Alzheimer's Foundation of America

When patients are suffering from illness or diseases, it's always good to help maintain a positive mental health in these sick patients. Imagine the pain they have to go through while on medication. Some patients turned negative in the process and this may worsen the medical condition. It's still wise to keep positive and be optimistic. For a illness/disease such as Alzheimer's, it is thus important to maintain high quality care for those who suffer from it. There are many ways to provide quality care. For example, spending time with your loved ones who are suffering from this disease so that these victims do not feel lonely and know someone is by their side; holding close family gatherings so that the victims feel a sense of togetherness and love; or even give the gift of love from the holiday gift in the Alzheimer's Foundation of America estore.

The estore of Alzheimer’s Foundation of America hopes to raise awareness and enhance knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease and related illnesses by providing a list of meaningful products. For example, the Four-Part DVD Training Program for Family/Professional Caregivers is such a wonderful gift produced by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America - a step-by-step educational program with easy-to-follow content, designed to help family and professional caregivers provide effective hands-on care in the home setting. When your caregiver or any family member receive this, he or she will learn more about Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, and the principles of personal care, about behavioral management and even safe home care. What is more meaningful - when you buy from the estore, the proceeds go further to support the programs and services of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America and its member organizations.

This holiday season, we should not just think of ourselves. We should learn to share our love and care for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and support the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. Only when we give, we will feel real happiness around the holiday cheer. It's time for caregiving.


We were not at home when the earthquake happened in California last week on Tuesday (Oct. 30) evening. We were in another earthquake-prone country in Taiwan when the California earthquake happened. In 1989, a major earthquake also hit the Bay Area. That 6.9 Loma Prieta killed 62 in California and injured 3,756 people. It also caused damage to fabs and offices in the region. Hubs and myself were discussing about earthquake and he mentioned that the likelihood of surviving an earthquake in California is higher than in Taiwan. I do not disagree.

What will you do when an earthquake strikes? Hide under a table? Run for your life? Anyway, I have already practiced hiding under the table for a few times. Just make sure it's not a glass-top table.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Car purchase, car loans, and much more - all in one stop

I remember having so much trouble when I first came to the US and searching to buy a car. We surfed many different websites, each for different needs. If we had know about earlier, we would not have wasted so much time looking for car purchase information in such a disorganized manner. helps consumers with car quotes, car loans, car loans refinancing, auto insurance and even auto warranty. Yes, all well-organized in one site. If you are thinking to get a Honda Car Quote, get to the website now - enter the Year/Make/Model/ Trim and with your ZIP code, you can find where is the nearest dealer near you, and from then, get a quote for your new Honda.

Price hike in the cheapest laptop

The US$100 laptop or the XO laptop, as the machine is known, has been developed to be used primarily by children in the developing world. This durable and waterproof laptop can be powered by solar, foot-pump or pull-string powered chargers considering that developing countries may have a problem in energy sources. However, this US$100 should be called the US$200 laptop since the laptop's price has increased to almost about US$188 (the cost of building this machine) recently.

Taiwan Quanta Computer - one of the world's largest contract laptop maker which joined MIT professor-the man behing the OLPC(one laptop per child), said it is ready to mass-produce the $100 latop despite the hike in price to $200.

Isn't technology supposed to help improve our lives and not exploit?

Get a loan quote before a formal loan application

I am in need of some cash advance. With all the different finance rates offered by money lenders, I am confused. I may end up paying much more than what I have borrowed. No Fax Payday Loans has set up a loan fee calculator to provide multiple quotes on payday loans so that consumers can get an accurate amount at the upfront of what's to be paid taking into consideration finance rate and loan period. Do make use of this handy calculator when you request for payday loan or cash advance.