Monday, January 07, 2008

Intel and AMD - the rivalry continues...or not?

While AMD has been in the quiet at CES2008 for new product roll-out, you can hear more of this company in corporate news - mostly in either 2007 round-up news or 2008 look-ahead news. Bad deal on ATI. In the reds. No use crying over spill milk. AMD needs a revival in its business to stay ahead. The rumor -looking at going private or a take-over. But the M&A fever is not over and will not be over in 2008. This may mean the latter is likely.

Though Intel has launched a notebook microprocessor based on 45nm technology, this company is not totally away from danger. There are talks about take-over of Nvidia but in the AMD so-called mistake or lesson learnt, the take-over may not happen after all. How about doing it with Apple?I see some synergy. Let's see what happens.

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