Tuesday, June 24, 2008

California High Speed Rail - still need for debate ?

Personally, I think it's a superb idea with the rising prices in fuel - making air travel and driving more costly than before. If Taiwan can have a high speed rail, I don't see why California can't get it's own. If the bill does not go through, it just has to be a conspiracy among the US govt and the petroleum giants. Yes. It must be.

We have to know this. If high speed rail becomes such a convenience and relatively inexpensive way to travel, who wants to travel by air ? Air travel means delay, especially in the US and now, they even want to charge checked luggage? And remember the authority that disallow fluids with carry-on luggage ? If I can't bring it with me and have to check them in, then I have to pay????

I digress.

Now travel from San Jose to Los Angeles in less than 3 hrs!! WOW! I remember our 5 hr + road trip from Sunnyvale to LA and being caught in the LA city traffic was no fun.

Go for it, California High Speed Rail, it's time!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Inside the latest iPhone

We have...

3G wireless chipset - Infineon.
GPS chipset - Broadcom unit Global Locate
2MP camera - Micron
Memory chips - Samsung, Hynix, and IM Flash Technologies (JV of Micron and Intel)
3G technologies - Qualcomm: who owns several patents related to a technology known as WCDMA used in the 3G chipsets. Sweden's Ericsson and Finland's Nokia

Chinese manufacturing partner for iPhone: Hon Hai Precision Industry.