Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Medical scrubs, apparel and accessories from Blue Sky Scrubs

I blame myself for not reading enough when I was younger. Goodness gracious! I did not even know this word - "scrub". Well, I usually use this word as a verb e.g. I scrubbed my back. But now I know. Scrub also refers to a kind of occupation - a group of professionals which is part of a team of medical practitioners providing surgical care to patients. Further, scrubs can also refer to the apparel worn by nurses, surgeons, and other operating room personnel. Knowing this word now, I can finally appreciate what is "Designer Nursing Scrubs", and know what Blue Sky Scrubs is all about.

Whoever said uniforms are boring are in for a surprise. The nursing uniforms and medical scrubs and uniforms offered by Blue Sky Scrubs are so stylish. They are also made of high quality fabric. Sometimes, the correct custom-fit nurse scrub top and pants make one proud of her own occupation. It is true. If you wear with confidence. You feel confident. Blue Sky Scrubs did not forget the men. They have an apparel line for men, so the men gets it too! I am attractive by the scrub caps and hats which are uniquely designed. I can even use this word "pretty"! Blue Sky Scrubs offers distinct collections of scrub hats: the executive collection, the urban collection and the sports collection. How cool is that?