Saturday, November 27, 2010

Professional House Cleaning Service

Late last year while house-hunting, my Agent and I came across a few houses that are exceptionally disgusting. I remembered a house we viewed which was still owner-occupied. We were greeted by a lady and a friendly dog. Of course, when it is not an empty house - it makes house-viewing more restrictive. However, that was not the point. The house was not even neat or tidy to start with. My Agent told me that is not usual. If the Seller is serious in selling, they should at least do a basic/minimal cleaning of the house. The carpet was stained and moldy, the house smells (not sure if it was the pet but the odor was really strong).

Such owners should at least engage a similar carpet cleaning or pet odor removal, Austin professional cleaning service to minimal freshen up the house. At least the house should not smell bad! Would you buy a house that smells? I would not. Also, if you have leather sofa, make sure a leather cleaning specialist, Austin is engaged for help and service. You know how I used to have a moldy leather sofa when I was living in a country that is humid. If you do not want such headaches in the future, make sure you maintain the leather sofa by using a special leather maintenance kit regularly. To find a professional cleaning service, make sure you ask friends for referrals or look out for ratings like this Austin company which is rated the best professional carpet cleaning service.