Friday, November 18, 2011

Medical Scrubs - comfort first, then style

It might be classic and it might be but it does not mean style-less and in no way less fashion-savvy. This collection of men's scrub tops comes in a variety of classic colors but are hand made and tailored to a slimming design - the scrub tops are just the perfect length to tuck in or wear out.

The men's scrub pants are also tailored for superior fit and long lasting enjoyment. They are made boot cut, low-rise using soft, wrinkle-free fabric. Comfort comes first then style, isn't it? Just like the nursing scrub pants and bottoms - classic design and comfort with a modern flair. You can now also custom make (each stitch, each seam, each pocket etc.) your professional medical attire. The scrubs are handmade from the best-quality fabrics, and sewn to fit perfectly by trained tailors.

Ready? Check out the sizing chart for your fit and order online. It is currently free shipping on orders $155 or more, with free returns and exchanges on all orders. If you are a team of medical professionals, why not order or even custom make your uniforms as a team? Maybe the whole team can go with a custom design to show team spirit!