Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting a little inspiration for my fall home decor

Guest post written by Liiy Smith

I'm really inspired by the nature around my home when it comes to decorating it. I've always loved flowers, other plants and animals so much that I think that there's nothing that I'd rather surround myself with in my home. Now my house isn't a green house or anything but I mainly just stick to things that are simply representations of those when it comes to my home.

That goes the same for my holiday decorations too. I love to look online with my San Francisco wireless internet to find all kinds of ideas about how I can incorporate nature into my holiday decorations.
I guess that for fall, the obvious natural fall decor inspiration is pumpkins. But I thought that maybe I could get a little more creative and am also using some fall colored flowers with my decorations too. It just keeps everything looking so fresh and not so obviously Halloween-y. I think that when it comes to successful holiday decorating that goes with the rest of your home decor, it's small little things like that which make the difference.